Job Ideas for Sociology Graduates

When working towards your sociology degree, it’s important to discover what job opportunities are available to you. Sociology graduates are lucky in that during this difficult economic time, companies are still employing over various sectors for people with your skill set.

Skill Sets

As a sociology graduate you will learn logical thinking, critical evaluation, negotiation, organization, planning, problem solving and researching techniques. These skills can be used in a lot of industries, opening up more doors than if you had chosen another career. You can search online for job opportunities, the same way you would search for scottsdale hyundai or Gibson Les Paul.

Sectors You Can Look At

Industries that are currently recruiting sociology graduates include finance industries, business and research facilities, education, public administration and the health and social work sectors. This offers you a lot of great job opportunities, while studying you may want to consider what job ideas you are interested in, search online and then visit site to find out what these companies are looking for.

Job Opportunities

With so many people struggling to find suitable employment at the moment, the skills you learn while studying sociology offers you a lot of open doors when it comes to career choice.

You can become a community worker, using your problem solving, planning and organizational skills to the fullest. It’s a rewarding role and enables you to give back to the community.

There is housing manager and social worker; both require your logical thinking, your planning, organization and problem solving skills. Also rewarding careers and more information can be found here.

Become an information scientist and use your research and critical evaluation skills or become a journalist and use your good communication skills. Then you can become a lecturer and teach what you have learned to others, give them the skill sets they need to find fruitful careers.

Many sociology graduates go on to become social researchers, where they can use all their skills to find out information, they get to research all day and this is ideal if you love extracting information, organizing it and planning.

Probation officers require logical thinking, critical evaluation, and negotiation, problem solving and organizational skills. These are all the skills you will learn while studying for your sociology degree. Probation officers have rewarding careers; working with a variety of people from diverse backgrounds and helping them get on their feet again in society. Think of it as italian food, it’s comforting, warming and fills you to the brim with delight.

The last job idea is a personnel manager. Personnel managers are responsible for the hiring and disciplining of staff members in companies. The perfect opportunity to use your logical thinking, organizational, planning and problem solving skills. You will need your research skills to find out about current employees and then use problem solving when there are office disputes. This position will have you on your toes and busy, you use computer systems to manage your workload, similar to free parental control software and use your negotiation skills to ensure the office runs smoothly at all times.