Massive increase in Social Media Crimes

The biggest complimentary product or service (whatever you would like to call it) that has developed with the advances in internet technology is probably the increase in the use of social media websites. A few decades back, the concept of social media networking was perhaps a mere idea. In the present world, however, it is an integral part of our lives; social media is the new in thing. It connects people, helps them promote their businesses; whether one is a car accident lawyer or runs a nurse practitioner school, social media networks can help people target their potential clients in a highly efficient manner.  The advantages of this breakthrough in communication technology are many; the list can simply go on forever. However, everything has a dark side to it. While this method of communication opened up countless opportunities for people, it also opened up a whole new world of cyber crimes. These types of crimes may not be restricted to social media only, however, the infrastructure provided by social media sites helps such crimes to be committed with ease.

You see, when we use the social media, we believe that all the information we share about ourselves remains within the private circle of our friends and family. This, however, is not the case at all. You see, all this information, all this data that we share can be easily stolen. Putting up pictures, information, addresses etc is like leaving your car unlocked on the street; the car may look attractive and some people will admire it, however, many will also attempt to-and be successful at-stealing it.

Social media sites are criticized for selling people’s data to advertisement agencies. For instance, if you write something about being overweight, your information will be directed to an agency that will direct you to adverts that promote green coffee! Talk about back pain on your social media and you will soon start seeing adverts that promote pain relief products. That does not happen because your computer can read your mind; it happens because your information is an open book.

Then there are people who will claim to be authentic retailers of certain products. You may buy something online and pay for it with a US Fast Cash loan only to find out that the profile that the ‘retailer’ used was fake and that you have been robbed online. This is only a small example of cyber crimes that take place via social media networks.

There may be people who will steal your personal information by pretending to be someone else on the internet. That high school friend you just added on your social media site may not really be that same high school friend. People may have access to your friend’s data; there may even be a picture of him standing next to his old automobile but the profile may be a fake profile. Beware of such people as they are the most dangerous of all.

Social media crimes are increasing day by day. With the developments in social media itself, there are simultaneous developments in social media crimes. It is up to you to tackle them efficiently.